Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LiveMatrix - "make[ing] the time dimension of the Web searchable"

I ran across this short reference to LiveMatrix today on This is a very interesting idea. My recent experience tracking the Apple iPad announcement showed how broken the web is for tracking live events. I had twitter up - which had too much noise to be useful. I had several live-blogs up - these were the most useful. Since I still wasn't satisfied, I kept googling throughout Jobs' speech for something better, finding nothing.

Watching the youtube video suggests LiveMatrix is more focused on letting you know about all the various live events happening on the web. That's cool too - I admit to being completely unaware of almost all such events. Perhaps there are more that would interest me.

However, I think the most interesting challenge is aggregating multiple sources covering the same event into an exhaustive, realtime resource.

Great job LiveMatrix for identifying an obvious-in-retrospect need. Let's hope they have some equally good innovation in solving the problem.


  1. BWA HAHAHAHAAAA! I am your first follower! Woo Hoo! Er... no comment on LiveMatrix... but that doesn't mean I won't be snarky about something else! :D


    (OOOoo, captcha: "phytin" as in "I caught you boys phytin on t'playground!"

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